The Shifted Nipple 

a guided tour through a personal breast cancer journey, and beyond

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A Shifted Nipple Adventure or Event


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due to the sensitive nature the following content is to be viewed with adult supervision or 18+

discovery & diagnosis

"WTF!! What just happened? What is going on! (insert stunned disbelief here) OK...soooo....

I have cancer. What can  'I' do??" Perhaps begin by allowing a little time to process this big news... 

pause, breathe, shift.

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hurry up & wait

Remember to breathe, and keep on keepin' on. Waiting is your now your new pastime...sigh...blah.

Do something fun! How about a photo shoot, or a dentist appointment...haha ok that one's not so fun, but a good idea none the less. Attend Chemo teach, sign up for Relaxation Therapy and a Look Good, Feel Better workshop. Perhaps attend a retreat or book a face-to-face, here.

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surgery & recovery

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chemotherapy, radiation, scans and yes MORE lab work.

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"THIS is not what MY breasts looked like, but...I will get used to them." They're new, give them time. The swelling will go down and there's some shifting that needs to occur 

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learning to fall in love with your new shape. The changes may cause you to move differently, your center of gravity may have shifted, or you have the feeling that something is MIA. How about exercises, sexuality, support (as in the "boulder-holder" kind), and yes, the regular emotional kind too!

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when your boob goes bust, expedited explant...wait, whats an explant?

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more surgery

everything you expected?

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recovery 2.0

a new silhouette, new sensitivities, 

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Tuff Titty Talks

video series

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the nice-to-haves


Graphic Gallery

pictorial view


pause   breathe   shift