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doing what you CAN when you are ABLE

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“Pause, Breathe, Shift”, inspired by the emergency  fire response  “stop, drop and roll” and the autonomic response of the sympathetic nervous system to fear. 

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pause, breathe, shift ...<>~

“Pause, Breathe, Shift”, inspired by known emergency  responses such as “stop drop and roll” or “stop, look and listen”, and the autonomic response of the sympathetic nervous system towards fear.

PBS- the "peanut butter sandwich" trigger, lends the acronym "PBS" for ease of recall during stress.

The application of PBS, incorporates physical awareness, a breath pattern and mindfulness. 

A go~to "first reaction" tool in trying times.

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Proactive or reactive, the point IS active. Become an active participant within your own body. Get to know what you need, what makes you you, and how to love yourself unconditionally. Becoming responsible for your own wellbeing, requires ability. We must first BE able. So...let's get able! Life is a series of ups and downs. It's a pattern...a whole lot of them. Discover what works for you, and when it might be time to shift. Inevitably, shift happens! Start right away, from where you're at, right now, in THIS moment. Prep-steps prepare for inevitable life challenges. Are you ready to go?

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How do we cope with an  illness such as cancer? We DO what we are able. We do what we CAN.

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cultivating an inner dedicated space to hold our grief with love and honour.

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