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The Stepping Stones

personal totem bead set                               

$ 50

Meticulously chosen elements, hand strung with an intention towards healing. Use with the "Scarlett Shift" or get creative and build your own totem and personal practice.

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Welcome In Sign

door hanger                                        $ 10

A simple and clear way to communicate whether you are up for a visit or not. The front side in a greenish hue says "welcome in I'm available today". The back reads "maybe tomorrow". 

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support SSW                               $ donate

Click the support button to go directly to the contact page. Send us a message  there with your intention or questions. 

Much gratitude.



Blue Booby- 

the mascot

warming mascot.                                  

The Blue Booby soft plush mascot with a hidden removable/microwavable buckwheat interior for healing warmth

coming soon

Blue Booby 2.0- 

a blue breast

ice pack

soft flannel blue breast shaped ''ice pack" for discomfort

coming soon

The Scarlett Shift

SSW Presents:

The "Scarlett Shift" featuring- PBS, Split Shift(50/50), Shadow Shift, can~COPE, Into the Grief Garden co-creative and personalized, self-led or scripted, healing through our personal story, experience and history.

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Shape Shifter

meditation tool

coming soon

Gear Shift

SSW logo wear

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