The Basic Shift

pause, breathe, shift


 Inspired by the emergency  fire response  “STOP, DROP and ROLL” 

and the autonomic FEAR response of the sympathetic nervous system and the triggered amygdala.

Easy to remember…while in fear

…ok then, let’s simplify it further to PBS! 




…for the cause

My personal 911-

By the time I realized it, it was nearly panic AND I’d been holding my breath! This was happening more and more. Of that I was aware.

I needed to get out of that state of fear asap. Of this I was certain.

I needed some resources…


<into and through it>

Just breathe…heard and said in MANY emergency situations in my life, was a good place to start, and I didn’t need anything besides myself and the awareness to utilize it. Perfect.

After experimenting with several different breathing patterns, I choose  the 

4-7-8 (Dr. Andrew Weil) pattern as my go-to in times of trouble.

Now the key was going to be remembering to use it!



towards resolution


pause, breathe, shift

Put an extra tool in your kit to assist with calming fear, managing anxiety and clearing overwhelm.


pause   breathe   shift